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The vibrant, intensely colorful world of Indian food has found an ever-increasing fan base in Australia after Australians began to travel through India during the 1960s and ’70s. Today, thanks to the increased immigration, Indian food is found across Australia with a growing appreciation for its many regional variations. Nowadays, people have started identifying food by its Brand. This simple belief and change in mind set has brought a dramatic change in the food industry, making it the most lucrative business opportunity.

Advantages and Profit of having Teekhazz Franchise…

1. The greatest USP of Teekhazz outlet is its Menu… which offers amazing range of products providing highest value for money to consumers
2. Highest Franchise Margin.
3. Low food cost.
4. Ease of operations – Proven franchise training and support system to match International standards of quality and management.
5. Universal appeal and Branding, sales promotion and marketing activities aimed at generating highest footfall and profits.
6. Time tested business model (Sustainable and profitable).
7. Almost zero percentage wastage and efficient food control (100% accountability). Fully computerized billing and management system.
8. Easy and complete standardization in food.
9. Low Investment and attractive Return on Investment. At “Teekhazz” we advocate those people who have great passion in food industry. We provide all the essential support to the franchise & help them in achieving the desired GOAL. We suffice complete Operational Support to manure the business & also provide Exclusive Training for all team members to enable & to govern the outlet. We have Standard Operating Procedures in all the aspects of business to help to move forward smoothly. Teekhazz franchising package deal contains Amazing RANGE OF PRODUCTS at Affordable Pricing, Food for MASS VOLUME, Brand Goodwill, assistance in finding and finalization location, R&D (Making New Product Development), factory to outlet LOGISTICS, FINANCIAL ADVICE, Outlet OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCY, STORE’S DESIGN & interior outlook, MARKETING with ongoing sales & promotional support, BRANDED CONSUMABLES for disposable items, Project support from start to opening of outlet, aintaining clean & HYGIENIC food which ensures almost zero wastage, QUALITY STANDARDIZATION & UNIVERSAL APPEAL to attract the customers, and much more to count.

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We take reservations for lunch and dinner. To make a reservation, please call us at 02-8628 7070 between 10am-10pm, Monday to Sunday.