Since 2007 we have been proud enough to serve Indians for some of its favorite food and along with that we believe to taking up challenges, turn up into opportunity and success is yours.
That is what is believed by CEO Anand Ratnani and co-founder Kavita Ratnani who strongly foster the theme.

Teekhazz went up ahead, took up the challenges and today it is one of the most popular as well as high value Branded Quick Service Restaurant chain in Gujarat, Rajasthan & Maharashtra with 75 outlets fully operational & enjoying the name ‘Teekhazz’ working in close partnership with our long standing partner along with consistent business growth.

We believe in flourishing together to enable ourselves and our clients to spread Love and Happiness. It’s been a wonderful journey and we promise it’s just a beginning to a short term destination of 300+ outlets across India & as we know that the future prospectus are robust, we mission to increase upto 1000+ outlets with a seasoned commitment to reach overseas market for presence globally. At Teekhazz we believe, our Brand must be credible & trustworthy, value for money, commitment and action which derives us futuristic, setting a benchmark for days to come.